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  • What are Softclose undermount and Ball bearing runners?
    Runners are the guides that a drawing runner slides on for it to be possible to open and close. A Softclose undermount runner is a drawer guide that sits underneath the drawer box and is hidden and can't be seen for normal use of the unit. The drawer when closed, closes itself softly and gently. This option is a little more costly but adds value with a luxurious feel. A Ball bearing runner is a drawer guide that sits on the side of a drawer and can be seen when operating the unit manually.
  • Can I request a custom colour that I want my unit to be?
    Yes! But at extra cost. Contact us through email with the details and specifications you would want and we will send you a personalised quotation with your wants and needs!
  • Can I ask for a custom size of a specific deisgn?
    Yes! Of course, we prize ourselves with customisation. Send through your specifications to and we will send through a personal quote with your needs!
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