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If you abide within South Africa, we are able to deliver to your door. 
If you abide outside of South Africa, this might incur greater courier charges - please contact us if you have special queries regarding this

In the event of damages or breakages during the transportation process, we as Olio Collection are liable to replace or fix any broken items or components.

Please note we cannot take liability for damages incurred by the recipient of the item. 


-If product arrives damaged, item will be returned and replaced or

repaired to original state.

-If product is found to be damaged in any way by transportation via Olio Collection desired courier company, item will be replaced or repaired to original state.

-If product is found to have been damaged by the recipient, no returns will be processed and if repairs are required, recipient will be quoted accordingly. 

-If item is damaged by the recipient and required repairs, client will be quoted accordingly.

-No returns will be accepted due to recipient personal reasons or item damaged by the receiver of the product.

-No returns will be processed due to incorrect ordering of items, unless an arrangement be made and agreed upon by all parties

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